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Our new Notifications Service gives you the ability to be instantly informed not just about news and offers, but also for specific events related to the products, categories, brands and orders you have personally chosen!


Using the most cutting-edge technologies of your browser (WebPush), all the information that interests you is delivered to you instantly, directly through your device's browser in the form of notification messages, without the use of emails!



By turning on Notifications, you can now be informed about:


  • Price drops of your favorite products
  • New availability for sizes that were out of stock
  • New arrivals in specific categories and brands
  • Status changes of your order or return request


In order to activate the Notifications functionality, you must frist click on the "Enable" button that appears once you place your mouse on the "Notifications" icon of the top menu and then accept the relative browser prompt.


Once Notifications are successfully enalbed, you can manage your personal Notifications for each supported entity (category, brand, product, order or return request) by using the "Manage Notifications" popup in each entity's page*, from which you can enable or disable the desired notification types!


You can view all enabled Notifications at any moment (and, optionally, disable the ones you do not want) by using the "Notifications" icon of the top menu.


Please note that all enabled Notifications will be delivered to the specific device/browser from which they were enabled.


On desktop/laptop computers, Notifications can only be delivered while the browser is running (regardless if our shop's page is open or not). If a Notiification is triggered and your browser is not running, it will be delivered to you the next time you open it. This does not apply to Android devices , where all Notifications are instantly delivered, regardless if the browser is running.


Due to the technological requirements of the Notifications functionality, only the following browsers are supported:


  • Google Chrome version 50+
  • Mozilla Firefox version 44+
  • Opera Mobile version 37+


*In order to enable the Availability Notification in product pages, you must first select your size. Notifications of this type are only supported for products that are currently out of stock.

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